Balay Alibangbang

Address: Hacienda Tagud, Km. 57
Cadiz City
Negros Occidental, Philippines
Telephone Number: (034) 4347326
(0922) 8922793
About Balay Alibangbang

Balay Alibangbang is all about showcasing free-flying butterflies within a controlled tropical environment. The growth cycle of butterflies is within easy access for anyone. Our Butterfly Dome guides will teach you about the life cycle of these beautiful creatures.

We also have amenities which can make your day fun filled. These are:

                                     Adults                  Children (2-11 years old)

Swimming pool             P50.00                   P50.00
Butterfly Dome               30.00                      30.00
Museum of Miniatures     30.00                     30.00
Cottages                        300.00-350.00
Eating Area                    150.00-200.00
Playground FREE
Entrance fee                   30.00                       20.00

*Please bring your own food as we only sell purified drinking water and soda.

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